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Updated August 17, 2020.
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If you are planning to travel to Puerto Rico:
Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced Imposes Strict Measures for
Visitors in Puerto Rico Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic... [
"These measures include travelers who come to Puerto Rico to provide a
travel declaration that will monitor the health status of an individual and
a SARS-Cov2
qualified molecular negative COVID-19 test that was
carried out within 72 hours prior to arrival
For the official site of the Puerto Rico Tourism Board COVID-19 Aid and
Resources for the Travel and Tourism Sector, click
Reusable cloth masks (Musa by Nereida)
can be added when you book online.
We will have it available the day of your trip.
It is understood that
when you complete the
booking process,
you agree with our
Terms and Conditions.
With 27 years of experience specializing in small groups, now, more than
ever, we know how important it is for you and our staff to stay safe
and healthy.  We have added
COVID-19 Guidelines to our Terms and
Conditions within the online booking software.  Please read them carefully
before you finish booking your trip, as you need to comply with these
requirements established by local Government.  

Shared/Open/Public tours and activities will not be available at this
only private trips.


  • Guides must use a face mask during all our activities.
  • Guides will keep a physical distance of 6 ft from customers.
  • We do not rent or allow anyone to use our equipment, such as:  
    binoculars, monopod, tripod, camera, lenses, etc.


  • Clients must be wearing a face mask during all our activities.
  • Clients will keep physical distance of 1 meter from the guide.
  • It will be mandatory to provide us with the negative COVID-19
    molecular test report as requested by local Government.  Plan
    ahead of time as the results of the test will take some time.
  • Full payments are non-refundable and should be made at least one
    week before the trip.  
  • We will not be providing transportation, on all our trips, you will be
    meeting our guides on site.

  • It is also mandatory to  take the temperature to
all clients, guides and drivers before the trip.  We will not be accepting
anyone with fever or any symptom related to COVID-19 as they will be
referred directly to the local CDC.  Physical distance will be always required.

As per the new Executive Order of
Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced, of July 15, 2020,
Puerto Rico is not open for international tourism.  
New tentative date is October 1, 2020.

As we want our staff and clients to stay healthy,
we are not offering any time of activities nor we are
allowed by the Government to open our business.

Tourism is not allowed in Vieques and Culebra
islands—there is no hospital in either island and,
as in the mainland of Puerto Rico, the airport is the
main entrance of Covid-19 in our territory.

Many tourists are not using their face mask even
when it is mandatory in Puerto Rico.
A new municipal Law in San Juan mandates the
use of the face mask in San Juan or the person
will be given a $100 fine.

We appreciate your business, but this is not
the right time to visit Puerto Rico if we want to
keep the numbers of patients down.

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