There are two main birding areas when you want
to see as many birds as possible in one day,
west or east.  When you are short of time to go
to the western side of Puerto Rico,
the east is
your best option

Check the links to the right for more information
on our birding trips to the east or
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reservation?  Contact us and we
will try to accommodate you!
I N D I V I D U A L S · E X T E N D E D · F A M I L I E S  &  G R O U P · T O U R S
Dear Hilda,

Thank you from Mike and me for a
memorable morning of birding in
El Yunque
National Forest
.  From the lizard cuckoo to
the Puerto Rican tody – with many in
between – our tour was full of birds we would
never have otherwise seen.  Your knowledge
of the rainforest and its birds is certainly vast
and supported by a very keen ear for calls
near and distant.

I would love to see your photos of the tody if
you wouldn’t mind emailing some to me.  And
when your book is ready, please be sure to
have me on your mailing list announcing its

Our morning with you was a highlight of our
trip to Puerto Rico.  In fact, we think we will
be coming back next year at the same time
and perhaps can see some other birding

Best of luck for a good 2019.

Janet MacGregor - January, 2019
"A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do." Walter Gagehot
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Due to the number of people visiting El Yunque National Forest during the Holy Week/Weekend (Wednesday through Sunday, including
Good Friday and Easter) and the
month of July, we DO NOT OFFER tours to El Yunque other than the Night Hike and/or
Ancestral Areyto.  Access to the Forest is limited and we cannot guarantee the quality during those days.
AdvenTours PUERTO RICO  is an equal opportunity provider under special permits at El Yunque National Forest.
For European Nations,
contact us only via
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Updated February 3, 2022.
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Mike and Lisa
El Yunque Birding Trip
April, 2018
Thanks so much for your
time last week. Lisa and
I both really enjoyed
ourselves with you!
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