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A Taste of Ponce  

Walk through local culture by discovering historical homes left by Spain's
heritage on our table traditions and celebrations, and have a real coffee brake
"merienda" on last home tour on premises.

Upon request
Time: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM (flexible)
Daily upon request
2 hours
2 hours
Not included in price
Always required
Drinks, tips
Effort Level
Walking Time
Private Tour
Entrance fees
Not included
Take a hike uphill, or ask taxicab driver at pier to drop you off at Plaza San José, at
hilltop of Cristo Street. Meet Guide at this site. If driving a car, park at Quinto
Centenario underground parking for the day. Return on trolley ride once tour ends.
Meet hosting Guide in Plaza San José for escorted walk, stopping first at the oldest Capuchinos' monastery kitchen, currently
housing the Seminario Conciliar School in Old San Juan dating late
1600's.  Continue to historic Casa Blanca, our first Governor
Juan Ponce de León's mansion under Spain's rule for a look and feel of a real military style construction house finished of the early
1700's.   Then we will try to visit one of two, historical homes dating 1800' s famed citizens in old times:

  • Palacio de Santa Catalina, current oldest Governor's Residence in the New World still in use, depending of season or
    special event it may not be open.
  • Last house visit is an extraordinary house know the Museum of the Puerto Rican Family, currently a home museum plus chef
    will introduce the cultural meal of a typical "merienda" or mid afternoon for coffee, chocolate, or tea and cookies the Spaniard
    families practiced at home.

As it's the last stop, it shows a comprehensive 19th century collection of antiques and kitchen equipment making it a typical example
of an authentic restored home, belonging to any Spaniard merchant family of the era, within the city of Old San Juan.   Many affluent
Spanish families settled the Old City then. They developed Puerto Rico's economy prior to 1898, when Spain lost control of the
Island to the United States of America, after loosing the Spanish American War.
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"guariquén" Arawak word meaning "look" or "come here and see".   
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