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Updated June 29, 2011.
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Lechoneras are outdoor restaurants that
specialize in seasoned whole-pig, slow
roasted over an open fire.

Ruta del lechón
Ruta del café
Local favorite roast pork
plus drinking beer, rum and
sangria is an all national
favorite when cheerful
celebrations come. So we
take the time to present a
fun tasting experience, just
be aware eating is our
main objective
.  Each site
will provide samplings for
one-of-a-kind tasting
combo ending with pork as
our main dish of the day.
where´s the pork?
From San Juan

  • Old San Juan - This first option allows you to
    meet us at the Old San Juan for a walk in
    seach our lechón asado.  
  • Guavate - Pick-up is available at selected
    hotels located at the Old San Juan, Condado
    and Isla Verde.  We will drive to the
    mountains of the town of Cayey, locally
    known as Capital del Lechón.

From Mayagüez

  • Mayagüez - We depart from selected hotels
    in Mayagüez and Mayagüez Port.
The National Trust´s definition of cultural
heritage tourism
is "traveling to experience
the places and activities that authentically
represent the stories and people of the past
and present.  It includes historic, cultural,
and natural resources."    

Culinary Tourism is defined as the pursuit of
unique and
memorable eating experiences.
It differs from Agritourism in that Culinary
Tourism is considered a subset of Cultural
Tourism (Cuisine is a manifestation of
culture) where as agritourism is considered
a subset of Rural Tourism.  Culinary
Tourism is about what is unique and
memorable, not what is necessarily
pretentious and expensive.
"guariquén" Arawak word meaning "look" or "come here and see".   
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Through our culinary tours you will experience the authentic taste of
our country while learning the real roots of our culture.