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Certified Interpretive Tour Guide Service for the EcoSensitive Traveler
Do you accept last minute reservations?

Yes, we do accept last minute reservations depending on:

  • time of the year that you are traveling
  • size and/or composition of your group
  • type of tour or activity
  • site location and availability
  • transportation or transfers request

For our business,
high season is from September thru April.  
We always suggest to make reservations if you are planning to
visit Puerto Rico during that period of time.

Some tours and/or activities are
seasonal (as an example,
white river rafting) and require a minimum of participants to offer
the tour or
transfers to selected activity.  

After hurricanes Irma and María, some
sites are open with
limited access.  In February (2018), El Yunque National Forest
allowed outfitters to offer tours twice a week.  As of November
(2018) we are now allowed to offer tours three times a week on
limited areas.   

Do groups need to make reservations?

Yes, groups over 10 participants will need reservations; special
terms and conditions apply, including full-payment at least one
week before the trip.
Q & A
Can I check availability and book online at the
same time?

Most of our services are considered private, personalized or
customized tours.  In order to bring you the best experience, we
handle each client personally, not through a booking engine or
machine.  We love to talk with our clients and work directly with
you every single detail of your dream vacation.  When you book
directly with us, you will not pay the 6% fee of online booking
engines nor the 20% - 30% they charge for commissions.

What is the difference between a private, a
and an open/public

This is one of the questions most people ask us.  During the past
26 years we have been offering island-wide tours on a private and
customized basis.  The basic differences of these options are as
follows using El Yunque National Forest as an example.

  • Private tours are available for solo travelers, individuals,
    extended family, and groups.  As we do not mix clients, the
    customer looking for this type of tour selects the date,
    subject to availability of our staff and vehicles.

    Example, El Yunque Birding Photo Trip

  • Personalized or customized tours are designed as per
    client´s needs and requirements no matter the size of the
    group or the type of tours/activities they are looking for.

    Example, El Yunque half-day Birding Trip
    combined with the Butterfly Tour and dinner.

  • Open or public tours are part of our seasonal or special
    events offered on specific dates.  These tours/activities are
    open to anyone that wants to join although a minimum of
    participants is required to offer tours as special events.  If
    you want the event on a private basis, please contact us for
    availability and quote.

    Example, El Yunque Nights
Q & A

We appreciate your interest in traveling with us!
The first step to book our tours and activities is check for availability as most of our services are offered on a private basis.  On the page
describing the tour you will find a
AVAILABILITY REQUEST form with a link to this section, TERMS & CONDITIONS.

Please read carefully each one of the steps in order to be able to complete and send the

What happens after you send the request?

  • Upon receipt of your request, we will verify if selected date(s) are available.

  • If the date is available, we will notify you in the next 48 hours through email and assign a number to your request on the subject

  • Please refer to this number in every email you send us.

  • We will hold the selected date(s) for two (2) days.

  • If you need more time to decide, please let us know explaining you special requests at the Comments at the end of the

  • Please verify your email, phone number, and country of origin before submitting the request.

  • If you do not receive an email or call from our staff in 48 hours, please resend information.

  • Once we confirm availability, you are ready to continue with STEP 2.

What happens when you ask for our services through an email or phone call?

  • We will ask you to visit this section of our website, read carefully Steps 1 to 5, and complete the process in 1 or 2 days.

Why it takes so long when you can book online with another company?

  • Online booking engines will charge you at least 6% extra on standards tours and from 15% to 30% commission on private or
    customized tours, specially when they promote prices lower than tours companies, they are just reselling with a commission.  
  • When you book directly with us, you don´t need to pay extra for hidden fees.  Payment Methods are described in Step 3.
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AdvenTours PUERTO RICO is an equal opportunity provider.
Updated March 15, 2019.

Before booking your trip, please read Steps 1 to 5 from our Terms and Conditions and
write your initials at the bottom of the
Availability Request form in each one of our
tours and activities.  

Special Terms and Conditions apply to groups, custom tours, and all-inclusive tour
If you agree with these General Terms and Conditions,
please check the
Item "I agree" on the Availability Request
form and
write your name initials and date on the box
provided to the right of the item.
When you book a tour or activity with standards fares, you should never expect that
the tour will be private.  We will fill the seats to capacity if possible.