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"guariquén" Arawak word meaning "look" or "come here and see".   
The good spirit 'Yocahú
Bagua Maraocoti"
reigned on the sacred
mountain of Yuké,
protecting the land of
Borikén (Puerto Rico)
and the Greater Antilles.
© Hilda Morales-Nieves
and Martín Veguilla
"A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do." Walter Gagehot
One of the main things that distinguish our service is
our commitment with culture and its connection with
El Yunque. With this in mind, we teamed up with
Martín Veguilla, Taíno Consultant and creator of a
series of Taíno Ceremonies.

These ceremonies are offered
only on a private
basis in El Yunque as well as other localities.The
ceremonies are performed in Arawak language and
under the stars with or without rain. Translation with
Q&A section will take place before the areyto.
Participants will join us and learn the basic steps of
the dance (
areyto), dancing under the light of the

If you want to learn more about these
ceremonies, just drop us an email or call us.
Hilda "Ana-Kanuy" Morales,
Owner - AdvenTours
  • El Yunque National Forest
  • National Congress of Tour Guides
    of Puerto Rico
  • NASA
  • Puerto Rico Tourism Company
  • University of Puerto Rico -
    Mayagüez & Caroina
  • Interamerican University of PR
  • Univisión - Puerto Rico
  • Yoga Journal
  • Saltamontes
  • Boy Scouts
This activity is offered daylight or under the
stars through our Group Department.
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Spiritual Journeys Series   
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