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The Definition
Ecotourism is now defined as "responsible travel
to natural areas that conserves the environment,
sustains the well-being of the local people, and
involves interpretation and education" (TIES,
2015).  Education is meant to be inclusive of both
staff and guests.

Principles of Ecotourism
Ecotourism is about uniting conservation,
communities, and sustainable travel. This means
that those who implement, participate in and
market ecotourism activities should adopt the
following ecotourism principles:

Minimize physical, social, behavioral, and
psychological impacts.
Build environmental and cultural awareness and
Provide positive experiences for both visitors and
Provide direct financial benefits for conservation.
Generate financial benefits for both local people
and private industry.
Deliver memorable interpretative experiences to
visitors that help raise sensitivity to host
countries' political, environmental, and social
Design, construct and operate low-impact
Recognize the rights and spiritual beliefs of the
Indigenous People in your community and work in
partnership with them to create empowerment.
Why Hire a Local Bird Guide?
By using a local guide, you ensure that
tourism revenue stays in the country to
improve the local economy.  Our partner
organizations below can put you in contact
with local guides and tour operators that
have first-hand knowledge of the area and
can accomodate specific needs.

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We are not going to define what we mean by senior travel because age is such a relative thing
nowadays. But if you’re reading this section it might be because you’re not quite sure if you’re
the right age for our trips. Let us put your mind at rest – our tours are for all ages of people. As
long as you have a can-do attitude and a reasonable level of fitness and mobility you’ll do fine
on our culinary trips. As far as we’re concerned, you’re never too old to follow your passion in

Choosing a Tour That’s Right For You
All of our trips are open to ‘older’ clients but you should read the ‘Is It For Me?’ section for each
of our trips in order to determine if a particular trip is suitable for you. The main considerations
for senior travel are your mobility and fitness. All of our culinary tours include some walking
tours, as we feel that walking is a wonderful way to gain insider access to the culture and
connect with locals. Most of our tours are in exotic and developing destinations, and some of
our walking may be on cobblestone streets or poorly paved sidewalks. Some of our tours
include optional hikes as well, and you can decide if you would like to participate.

Preparing For Your Tour
Due to the nature of our destinations, the standard of medical care may not be at the same
level that you have at home. Because of this we’ve put precautions in place to help keep you
safe. We ask that you inform us of any pre-existing medical conditions, and provide a doctor’s
note that you are cleared for travel. We also require that each traveler provide us with a copy
of their international medical and emergency evacuation insurance, which will allow us to help
you in case of emergency.

If you feel you need more flexibility, we are happy to discuss a private trip. In most cases we can
operate a private trip with a minimum of two guests.

Solo travel gives you a great opportunity to explore your passion for food and and gain insider
access to exotic destinations, while meeting new and interesting people. Our group culinary
tours attract many solo travelers, all with the common interest of sharing unique culinary and
cultural experiences, working with top chefs, and tasting exquisite local cuisine. And no one can
match our friendly guides when it comes to building camaraderie among travelers who share a
sense of fun and adventure. Some of our solo travelers have traveled with us over and over
with the same friends they made on their first tour with us. With insider access to experiences
you might not find anywhere else,

Flexible Solo Travel Options
On all of our tours, we offer private room upgrades for people who prefer more privacy. We
also offer roommate pairing, when possible, for those looking to share a room. We understand
that many people do not want to pay “extra” for being a single traveler and we work hard to
keep our prices fair.

Whatever solo travel experience you are looking for, we have a tour for you. Maybe you would
like to learn to cook traditional food in Morocco, take a street food tour and cook with celebrity
chefs in Vietnam, learn to make daiquiris in Cuba, or eat ceviche and explore Machu Picchu in
Peru. Whichever of our portfolio of food tours appeals to you, our dedicated chefs,
knowledgeable local guides, and carefully designed itineraries will ensure a fun and memorable

Our small group tours are a fantastic way to meet new people with similar interests while
exploring culture through cuisine. We currently offer small group travel in Costa Rica, Cuba,
Morocco, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Peru, Alaska, South Africa and Croatia.

We intentionally travel only in small groups, giving us access to people, places and experiences
that are not available to larger groups. Traveling in small groups also gives us greater flexibility
to slightly adjust our itineraries to focus on the group’s interests. So, with our expert chefs and
local guides, you’ll not only enjoy culinary activities but also in-depth local access to the culture
you are visiting.

Our award-winning group tours are limited to 12 guests, and generally average about 8-10. So
when we say small, we mean small!

Small group travel is a unique, memorable and fun way to learn new skills, explore different
cultures, and meet interesting people. Please call 1-800-567-9400 or email info@accesstrips.
com for more information on our small group tours.

Our private tours are for people who want to travel with their own small private group. If you
travel privately with us, you will still experience the same outstanding guiding, exciting
itineraries, boutique accommodations, and high quality of all Access Trips culinary adventures.

Choose the dates that work best for you and choose your traveling companions (even if it’s just
two of you) for an unforgettable guided private tour. Our private trips are ideal for couples,
families, friends, and honeymooners. Almost all Access Trips culinary tours can be booked as a
private trip. Please contact us at 1-800-567-9400 or to discuss traveling
privately and to request availability and pricing.

Please understand that because we are limiting the number of people on the trip to just your
group, pricing for private tours will often be a bit higher than for our regular small group

Our culinary tours to exotic destinations are unique and unforgettable, a perfect fit for a couple
looking for a foodie honeymoon. If you are looking for a honeymoon that will allow you to
explore an exotic culture through its delectable cuisine, our foodie tours are made for you. With
our dedicated chefs, knowledgeable local guides and thoughtfully curated experiences, your
romantic culinary honeymoon will allow you to create memories to last a lifetime. We have been
honored to host quite a few honeymooners on our culinary tours!
Certified Interpretive Tour Guide Service for the EcoSensitive Traveler
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