We recommend at least one night in the area to
really enjoy and taste La Ruta del Café.  Several
alternatives available, drop us an email for more
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In 1992 we created a new concept in the way tours were offered in Puerto
Rico.  Immediately we teamed with one of the architects of the Puerto Rican
Institute of Culture, Mildred González, and the journey started.

Coffee plantations have been part of our life.  My Mother was born in the town
of Añasco, in a sector known as La Noriega near Hacienda La Violeta.  She grew
up in the small town of Las Marías where her family moved when she was small
since her stepfather was the "mayordomo" of one of the largest and most
important coffee plantations of that time and region:  Hacienda La Hernández.

When we were small we heard all kind of tales and stories on how it was living in
an hacienda on a normal working day, where to find Taíno "pilones" and
pictographs, coffee harvest festivals, Mamá Pepa waterfall, just to name a few.

Several years after my parents married, they moved to San Juan, where I was
born; the smallest of four children.  It was there in the city that we learned
how to appreciate the smell of Rain, the sound of the Wind, the different color
tones of the grass, and many other things.  With an energetic early wake up
call "vamos pa´l campo" we knew that we were going to visit our relatives in
the other side of the Island. With these trips we witnessed the slow
construction of Road 2 that transformed the old scenic route into a highway
connecting San Juan and Mayagüez, but the countryside was left intact.
oOptional Activities
aaCoffee Facts

  • Original from Ethiopia.
  • First brought to Puerto Rico in 1736.
  • Most of the plantations were built in the
    central region of Puerto Rico:  Maricao,
    Las Marías, Lares, Adjuntas, Yauco,
    Jayuya, Ciales, Utuado, Ponce, etc.   
    Nevertheless, plantations were built in
    other places, such as Río Grande
    (Hacienda Catalina, El Yunque).
  • After the 1511 rebelion, many Taínos
    settled in Maricao.
  • Coffee season - August - December.
  • Coffee Harvest Festival, two festivals take
    place in February:  Maricao and Yauco.
  • We created La Ruta del Café in 1992.
  • La Ruta del Café is part of Porta del Sol.
With the assistance of architect González, we visited and identified coffee
plantations that were part of the historical and cultural heritage in
our route.  
Since then, we have been pioneers in the region and Puerto Rico, offering
private ecotours to the small mountainous towns of the western-central region.  
Our efforts in promoting this type of tourism helps the economic development of
the towns we include in our itineraries.
Not only we visit the main
building, but the coffee
plantation as well.  Plan an
overnight stay at Hacienda
Hacienda Pomarrosa.

Half and full day tours
depart from
San Juan, and Ponce.  Join
us to the countryside of
Puerto Rico!
Hilda Morales,
Your host and creator of  La ruta del café
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  • Bird Watching
  • Hiking / Trekking
  • EcoYoga
  • Secluded Waterfalls
  • Bicycling
  • Camping
  • Sightseeing
  • Star Gazing
  • Wildlife Observation
  • Taíno Ceremonies
  • Culinary Tours
  • Artisan´s Route
La ruta del café - Coffee Plantation Zone, photo by Hilda Morales, copyrights AdvenTours
Some options require a minimum of participants and are subject to weather conditions.  Reservations always required at least two weeks in advance.
Updated August 25, 2014.
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